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List Of Vigo Companies By Accelerator

Cleantech Invest

Aurelia  Turbines is developing a new type of high-efficiency microturbine. The efficiency of the turbine is estimated even higher than that of internal combustion engines, which will give significant savings in energy generation costs. The company's product is based on 30 years of research in high-velocity technologies. 
One1 is a turnkey provider of renewable energy solutions. The company is part of energy model delivery from early planning to the usage phase and finally to the end of the life cycle.
Savo Solar produces the world's most efficient and economical solar thermal collectors based on a industry disrupting patented manufacturing method and a heat resistant optical nano-coating. Targeting large scale applications like solar district heating, industrial process heat generation and solar cooling.
Nocart offers solutions for small power plants. The Nocart Power Generation Unit can be connected with multiple different types of power units, such as wind turbines and solar panels.
Nuuka is a cloud-based energy management system for property management companies, building owners and energy consultantsNuuka logo
Oricane deliveres solutions to the data communications market providing over 95% reduction of energy compared to industry standard.Oricane (Netcycler) provides consumers a new way to save money through swapping second hand goods. The firm has developed a swap ring engine that automatically generates swap rings of 5 people online.
Sofi-Filtration Self-cleaning, high capacity water filtration technology to remove fine particles (down to 0.5 µm) in large water streams (up to 30m3/m2h) with very low energy consumption and pressure loss.Sofi Logo
Metgen offers significat improvements in biorefining. The firm develops enzymes for pre-processing wood-based feedstock.

Matox develops novel materials for global industrial clients.  -EXIT- 

BT-Wood provides non-toxic wood treatment chemicals that are economical and cost effective.
Enersize cuts industrial electrical use using a software and hardware solution. Is able to cut compressed air costs by a thrid, a process that takes up 4% of the world's electrical use.
Lumeron finances energy efficiency fixed asset purchases with financial services model. 
Sansox  aims to commercialize its four-stage oxidative system, Oxtube. Oxtube aerates or mixes any gas with water or any other liquid efficiently. The Oxtube oxidizes water more rapidly and energy efficient compared with existing systems. Sansox is a modular solution that can be retrofitted, easily removed, cleaned or installed in many of the stages of the water treatment process. 


Dexmen. More information coming soon 
Gizlo.  Complete simple tasks with your smartphone to help brands serve you better 
IGL-Technologies   is an expert in wireless control systems and solutions. The company has experience in short-range networks for a number of years 
Mobile Means. KLIK4CHARITY TM is the best solution out on the market for charity organisations 
Traplight .  Traplight Games, based in Tampere, Finland is a mobile game studio of 12 people established in 2010. Currently developing their debut iOS title What on Earth!, the company aims to revolutionize the way players - and the game industry - conceive and experience user-generated content.   
Mattersoft  is a Finnish software company, focusing on intelligent transport systems. The company  specializes in public transport information management and traffic light priorities.  

Frontier Seed Accelerator  


Gorilla Ventures

City Media  
Fluid .  Twheel -Twitter (r)evolved! Visualized as a rotating wheel, the brain-friendly app fights information overload by pulling signals out of noise. 
Kneto.  Build a better sales experience. Kneto gives you a new type of sense. Using the Kneto algorithm, you'll be able to tell if your e-mail recipient has more than a passing interest in your offer. 
Vuole is a Finnish pioneer and innovator of social commerce. Vuole was the first to bring Facebook webstores to Finland, and has utilised this experience to create the unique Savalanche online commerce platform that brings together online publishers, webstores and social media sites into an effective sales and marketing channel.
Guardingo TM transforms your old smartphone in a home security system. You can receive notifications if somebody is moving back home anywhere and anytime. Guardingo TM is the first home security system that uses your own WiFi to detect intrusions. You do not need to buy sensors anymore, Guardingo TM is already in your home.

Helsinki Ventures

Bttn, Inc.  is the creator of the bttn, the simplest Internet user interface in the world. It brings the power of Internet of Everything to individuals, families, and businesses with elegantly designed solutions.  bttn  



Cabforce is on a mission to connect local taxi fairs with the global b-to-b travel industry. Covering more than 50 top European destinations, and expanding to USA and Asia, Cabforce brings the pre-booked and pre-priced door-to-door travel services and booking to global GDSs, travel agents and management companies, online corporate sites, air an railway industry. Acceleration successfully completed June 2013.
Ciegus is forerunners in medication management and outpatient communication. While providing consumers unique mobile services, Ciegus offers pharmacies an field-proven way to enhance their own business and productivity.
Ciegus logo
DesignStory is a Silicon Valley-Helsinki based innovative lifestyle e-commerce company bringing designers and their products to major Gen Y and Gen Z audience via curated experience. KoppiCatch a co-founder in the company. Exit 12/2012.logo
Happy Or Not is a real-time customer satisfaction measurement company. HappyOrNot service provides reports and analytical data of visiting customers' perceived satisfaction at point of sale or
customer service, and enables customers like retail chains continuously to improve their performance, service level and sales.
IndoorAtlas pioneers indoor positioning and navigation based Earth's magnetic field. The company's first-in-the-world cloud service for indoor mapping and navigation is gaining growing traction globally among retail brands, application developers and solution providers. KoppiCatch is a co-founder in the company.indoor atlas logo
Joberate is a global intelligent job ad distributor, offering an easy and cost-efficient way to publish job ads in relevant digital media channels including social networks, native job boards, blogs, forums and niche sites. Customers have one-click access to different job boards and digital media channels globally.
Klevu is the smarted search function for small and medium size web stores and shops. The unique technology is based on innovative use of NLP technology (natural language processing technology). is a cloud-based meeting organizer for running awesome business meetings. With customers can with one click set up meeting times, invite partcipants, share agendas and materials, and participate meeting conference calls.
Mobile Backstage changes the way idols - bands, athletes and celebs - connect with their true fans. The company provides aisophisticated fan relationship management service, which enables bands to find their true fans, start a direct dialogue with them, increase fan loyalty and analyze the tribe.
Rapid Blue Solutions is the innovative leader in indoor consumer intelligence and behavior analytics. Company serves shopping malls, retailers and other owners of commercial areas by providing reports of consumer movements. EXIT JUNE,2013
TabletKoulu (‘ TabletSchool') aims to bring digital teacher-and-student-generater learning materials to high-schools and students, and thereby transform the traditional school book publishing business.Tabletkoulu logo b is one of the fastest-growing SME services to reach out to consumer customers. The unique go-to-market approach of has proven itself, in the pilot market of Finland, the company has been generating revenues from day one.

Zokem is a mobile communications and lifecasting startup that has set out to change how people communicate with each other. Company’s core business is in mobile analytics which it provides for its operator, brand and online service provider customers. ==EXIT JULY 28, 2011 ==

Lifeline Ventures:

Applifier is a cross-promotional network that connects social applications and games on Facebook and the web. The network already links more than 100 social games with well over 50 million monthly users. -EXIT 3/2014-
Brightside . Publish interactive charts for web, smartphones and tablets 
Enevo 's first product, ONe Collect is a collection optimization and management service for waste and recycle stations.
GrandCru creates beautiful games designed to make social gaming beautiful. Their first release is Supernauts.
Grey Area is creating a new era of games for smartphones by including location-based technologies. In Shadow Cities, players become wizards who acquire skills and have to deal with allies and enemies who are moving around the same city.
Ductor is a Finnish biotechnology company with a solid portfolio of proprietary and patented technology for biologically producing ammonia and phosphates from recycled materials.
Leningrad Cowboys The band's mainly known for their unique live shows, during the 20+ years they have performed more than 1000 shows in more than 60 countries. They have produced massive joint concerts with the Red Army Choir, confused audiences at the MTV Music Awards, performed with classical orchestras and played in hundreds of festivals and clubs around the world.
MediSapiens is the first company to start developing genomics software to choose the best treatments for individual cancer patients, based on research on extensive genomic databases led by the Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT.
Mendor is a Finnish company, committed to the design, development and marketing of advanced diabetes management products. 
Mindfield Games is an independent developer that focuses on virtual reality.
NonStop Games creates f cross-browser HTML5 social games that can be played by anyone, at anytime and on any device equipped with a modern web browser, be it PC, Mac, tablet or a smartphone.nonstop logo
Oncos Therapeutics is developing new cancer therapies based on next-generation oncolytic viruses which target and kill cancer cells while leaving normal healthy cells unharmed. These genetically engineered viruses combat cancer through a unique double whammy, since they also induce immune responses against tumours.
Onomatics TrademarkNow TM is a product of Onomatics Inc., a legal technology powerhouse specializing in intellectual
property law. With decades of experience to draw from, we are seasoned
professionals in both the software industry and intellectual property law - and it shows in the quality of our products.
Playmysong brings jukeboxes into the digital age by allowing users to remotely control an owner's library of songs through their smartphone.
Prime Mover  
ProtoGeo develops Moves, an unique iPhone application utilizing sensors and location technology for telling you how much you move during your day. -EXIT 4/2014_mvoes logo is a powerful Facebook Ad Optimazion tool built for today's data savvy performance marketers.
Somia 's Teamvisio re-invents the way of working as a team. Teamvisio is a virtual space that unites people regardless of location or device. Real-time video and audio, fast message delivery.
Supercell is a mobile game company headquartered in Finland. Their two game apps,Clash of Clans and Hay Day, reached the top position in Top Grossing ranking of Apple's App Store in 137 countries and 96 countries, respectively.From February 2013 to August 2013, Supercell was the No.1 publisher in the world among the apps in the Games category of the App Store. They announced a strategic partnership with SoftBank and GungHo at the end of 2013.
Stylewhile is a virtual clothing try-on and shopping experience
Synoste. Innovative orthopedic solutions.
Thinglink is a ground-breaking photo-tagging service that makes it easy to add clickable tags to images on the web, including images shared through social networks
 TILT Brothers  

Tinkercad is an easier and faster way of creating designs for your 3D printer. With the help of the latest web technology you can now use a solid modeling CAD directly in your browser.

Uplause creates social games for big crowds at any event and venue. The audience interacts with the game by clapping, singing, making noise, being quiet, or even with motion activation.
Valkee is a CE Class II(a) medical device certified and is clinically tested bright light headset that channels bright light to the photosensitive areas of the brain, preventing depression and affecting mood.
Zen Robotics is a Finnish high-tech company specializing in robotic recycling technology. The company's main product is ZenRobotics Recycler, a waste sorting system which separates raw materials from was


Aqsens has developed a revolutionary liquid analysis technology which is capable of performing highly advanced analysis of complex solutions - a characteristic fingerprint that identifies each sample uniquely. Any aqueous solution or soluble material (gas, solids) can be tested.


Eedu develops online learning games. Their novel combination of psychology of learning to gamified concepts and to Artificial Intelligence (AI) will morph education and entertaining in a motivating and scientifically valid manner and hence significantly improve efficiency in both individual and organizational learning.


Effmag offers aluminum-extruding companies a patented cleantech solution that greatly improves both energy efficiency and productivity of extrusion process.

Leanpark Kiinteistöön kytkeytyvä keskipitkän ja pitkäaikaisen pysäköinnin automaattinen pysäköintijärjestelmä.

Methator has developed a revolutionary biogas process that cuts process times from 40 days to 4 days reducing CAPEX to approximately 1/10th from traditional plants. Methator offers biogas solutions to a wide variety of feedstock alternatives.

methator logo

Pajat Solutions provides the PoiMapperTM enterprise mobility cloud solution suitable for areas such as remote health, market research water and sanitation, law enforcement, disaster risk managemenet and product inspections, with a focus on emerging markets and deployments in Asia, Africa and Latin America

Poimapper . Mobile data collection with Poimapper empowers your field workers and managers.

Safelylocked delivers a fully secure true end-to-end encrypted solution for storing and distributing digital content - any kind, any size - through a unique combination of: true end-to-end encryption, standard web browser-based access, client-side encryption, no software installation required and reliable and tamper-proof time stamping.

SkillPixels'    is a leading Finnish edtech company developing games for children. First game, Smartkid, makes learning math child's play! 

Royal Majestics

Duohtavuohta is a clothing company located in Finnish Lapland one of the Europe's last unspoiled wilderness. Duohtavuohta is an ecological luxury brand which is using natural materials only. All products are handmade with passion for high quality tailoring. Materials like pure wool, reindeer leather and arctic fur ensure a pleasant use and long life for everything the company produces.

MK House Group
Klaus Haapaniemi is a design brand and a full concept that brings out unique and recognizable design to the market through a wide range of products categories. Valuing heritage and classics, it aims to produce pieces with a unique design touch that exist to survive time. Current focus is on home textiles and ceramics, but also jewellery, stationery, illustrated books are in the product range.

Normincies - Revolutionary laptop bags
Pelago is a bicycle company born out of local cyclists' needs and demand for new bicycles for daily transport and alternative travel. The company contributes to cycling with functional aesthetic and strong products


e-Docker Digital Publishing . Create and publish, Impressive digital publications -esily, quickly and at low cost
Kampiki Solutions offers you a network of well-trained specialists ready, willing and able to activate your IT development projects.
We solve problems quickly because we care about the people we select for IT projects large or small; recognising talent, drive and a project lifetime commitment.

Meontrust was founded in to help peoples' everyday online life by providing simple and safe way to access their numerous web services without usernames and passwords.

Roidu turns tablets into profitable sales and business management tools. Roidu offers an intuitive way of delivering content and collecting any desired data for a better business.

Vertaislaina is a marketplace for P2P lending.

Wellness Foundry delivers cutting-edge web and mobile tools to help people eat better and to live healthier.

Veturi Venture Accelerator

Pryte  brings Telco and App ecosystems together to enable app-like user experience for mobile data.
-JUNE 2014, ACQUIRED BY FACEBOOK- is a social shopping service that takes online grocery shopping to a new level by empowering people to consume smarter in a social context.

hyper[in] brings a game-changing solution for people who MANAGE shopping malls by providing all the tools for multi-channel communication, collaboration, and integration between mall managers and the tenants.

Nosto  - Rethinking online marketing automation
Oppex - World's largest source of public bidding contests

Senseg has developed a range of tactile pixels, or "tixels", which can be applied in ultra-thin coatings on many kinds of devices to give user interactions an extra sensual dimension.


Vigo Portfolio Companies Held By Past Accelerators

Microtask is an innovative company that is using complex software engineering techniques to break down long, laborious and repetitive work processes into simple and rapid microtasks that can be "crowdsourced" via the internet to distributed workers located anywhere in the world.

Xiha (Transfluent) is a service that offers effortless, near real-time professional translation to social media feeds and websites. It's a fully automated service that translates Twitter or Facebook posts immediately when they are posted, and keeps websites always up-to-date no matter how frequently they are changed.

DrawElements dEQP is a powerful toolkit for benchmarking the accuracy, precision, feature conformance and stability of OpenGL ES 2.0 GPUs. With dEQP GPU and SoC vendors, OEMs, and network operators can compare different vendors and GPU architectures in detail.

Namantal Oy - Producing new, innovative wellness beverages


Ruisvoima (Rye Power) has been testing ways to incorporate fibre-rich rye bran into healthy food products.

Siruin Valley